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When to use topwater baits for bass...

Posted by [email protected] on June 22, 2012 at 4:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Topwater baits produce exciting strikes and will often produce when other baits fail. They can also be a good way to put a quality bass in the boat in a tournament. Try topwater baits for bass under the following conditions:

•Early In the Morning

Early mornings when the light is low is a traditional time to fish a topwater bait. Fish them around shallow cover where bass have moved to feed. Work your favorite bait around bushes, logs, stumps, rocks and brush in the water.

•Late In the Afternoon

Just like early mornings bass will move in shallow to feed as the sun gets low in the sky. As soon as a bank gets in the shade try throwing your topwater bait around shallow cover.

•At Night

Fish topwater baits all night long, but choose one that you reel in a steady action so the bass can hone in on it. A black jitterbug is a traditional night bait since its slow "plop, plop, plop" gives the bass an easy target. A buzzbait also works well at night - just fish it as slowly as possible.

•Cloudy Days

Cloudy days make the bass stay shallow and feed just like early mornings and late afternoons, so keep fishing your topwater bait during cloudy days. Don't stop as long as the bass continute to hit.

•When The Shad Spawn

When the shad spawn on riprap and other hard surfaces in very shallow water, throw a buzzbait or popper right on the bank and work it out. Sometimes you have to hit the bank to get a bite. Fish topwater around any area you see shad running the bank and spawning.

•During the Mayfly Hatch

When Mayflies and other bugs hatch around the water bream move in to feed on them. Bass will follow, feeding on the bream. A popper works great during the Mayfly hatch since they imitate the sound a bream makes when it sucks in a bug. Work them very slowly to very fast depending on what the bass want. Sometimes the plug sitting still after a plop makes it look like and easy meal. Other times a constant popping looks like a bass chasing a bream and bass are greedy, they will try to take the meal from the other bass.

•When Bass Are Schooling

When bass school in open water chasing baitfish, a topwater bait like a Zara Spook looks like bass chasing baitfish on top. Just like with bream, bass will try to take the food and get your bait.

There is no bad time to fish a topwater bait because they will often attract strikes when you don't expect them. Give them a try in the above situations but also try them at other times, too.